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Cloud HD video conferencing just one click away

iNebula Vidio Light is the web portal that allows you to choose the right professional video conferencing service for your needs, starting from a completely free solution to become familiar with the tool ending with a complete video room for your business meetings.

Why iNebula Vidio for your video conference

Turns smartphone, tablet and pc into professional video conferecing tools
Easy to use like a mobile APP

Invite up to 25 guests by sharing a link, organize your video meetings with a few clicks.

Professional HD video conference Cloud based

Thanks to the technology used by iNebula Vidio you can have HD video communications, real-time experience (low latency) and online meetings using non-fast internet connections (minimum 300 Kbps).

Screen and file sharing online collaboration

You can share your screen or a single file (pdf, word, excel, ext...) with all participants of the video conference.

WEBRTC compliant no software or plugin

You can access video conferencing directly from your web browser without having to install plug-ins or applications on your device.

Video conference Security anti-hacker

Video communications are encrypted and anti-hacker, architecture is inaccessible and is not possible to intercept audio and video of the conference.

Help Desk and Support H 24 / 7

Help desk to assist clients on common issues, supported by iNebula Assistance Center always active to monitor systems and resolve any anomalies.

Choose the right offer for you

Our best proposals for your professional video conferencing HD system
Free Vidio


1 account on public domain

HD video communication

Chat online

25 guests per conference

File and screen sharing

Encrypted communications/anti-hacker


PC Client software

Help Desk and Support

Basic Vidio
29 /mo


1 account on public domain

HD video communication

Chat online

25 guests per conference

File and screen sharing

Encrypted communications/anti-hacker


PC Client software

Help Desk and Support



Complete hardware kit to install in your office a wireless professional video room for HD video conferencing

Hardware included: PC and Operating System, HD Camera, Wireless Speakerphone and keyboard

Supplied hardware is compatible with major video conferencing software on the market

No videoconferencing software included



Complete solution including hardware and software to install in your office a professional wireless video room for HD video conferencing

Included Software: iNebula Vidio Account, iNebula Vidio Room Software Edition and 1 Year Support

Included Hardware: PC and Operating System, HD Camera, Wireless Speakerphone and Keyboard

Do you need a private iNebula Vidio account, optional service and a custom offer?

Contact us to receive the right offer for you.
iNebula Vidio gives you the possibility to integrate optional services such as:
Recording: Recording and Streaming of video conferences
Multiconference: Interoperability with other video conferencing systems in use
Voice: participate to the conference via telephone (only audio)
Vidio Room:install professional video rooms in offices or conference room
Vidio Room Software Edition: virtual video room from your pc desktop pc

Looking for a free service to get familiar with online videoconferencing?

iNebula Vidio Light is the perfect solution for you, free forever.
Thanks to iNebula Vidio Light you have at your disposal a videoconferencing service entirely based on WebRTC technology. To use it, register for free and open your web browser, no need for any plugins or additional software.


Direct testimonies from our customers
Before knowing iNebula Vidio I walked hundreds of kilometers per day by car to discuss the tax records with my clients, spending a lot of gasoline and wasting time locked up in traffic. Thanks to videoconferencing I can do everything from the comfort of my office and I'm always available for my clients.
Mario Raino

Business Consultant

Working in close collaboration with other corporate offices located in Europe, I needed a professional service reliable and secure for my video conferencing, as we often discussing confidential content. iNebula Vidio allows me to be always in touch with my colleagues abroad saving a lot on travel costs and time.
Jonathan Gibson

Policy Advisor

For me it is essential the quality of videoconferencing because I need to show prototypes to Marketing colleagues to discuss the characteristics of the objects in detail. iNebula Vidio guarantee a good quality and a true telepresence effect.
Laura Trani

Industrial Designer

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